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Welcome to the Law Office of James D. Carter. When you need to be sure that you are getting the very best legal representation, count on us to protect your rights, fight aggressively on your behalf, and strive for the best possible result.

If you have been injured, you need an attorney with the experience and competence to understand your situation; and to take every measure to protect your rights, in the courtroom and out.

The same is true for individuals considering divorce. Tell us your story; we will listen. We can help you assess your options and take the best course of action to get through a difficult time.

Call The Law Office of James D. Carter today. We can help.

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Every year, far too many fatalities and injuries are caused by auto accidents. If you've been injured in an auto accident, or you've suffered the loss of a loved one because of an auto accident, you might be eligible to file a suit for compensation.

If you're one of the 4.7 million Americans who've been bit by a dog this year, you already know it's no joke. Not only are dog bites painful and frightening but they can also be life-threatening. Anyone bit by a dog should always have, at minimum, a blood test to ensure that no contagious disease has been contracted.



If you've been injured in a fall or an accident as a result of someone else's negligence, you are entitled to fair compensation. You shouldn't have to pay for other peoples' mistakes, nor should you have to pay for medical bills or wages lost as a result of your injury. Many establishments and corporations will fight hard to avoid a personal injury lawsuit.

If your family member or loved one has died as a result of negligence, accident or a wrongful act, you may wish to file a wrongful death claim with The Law Office of James D. Carter.

Due to the sensitive nature of a wrongful death claim, you'll want the services of an experienced wrongful death attorney who can devote their full attention to the case with the utmost respect for the circumstances.



 A divorce is a life-altering event. Unlike almost any other legal matter, during a divorce proceeding emotions are heightened and can lead to poor decisions on the part of both parties involved.

This is when the objective views of an attorney can be your best asset.

Premise liability law protects individuals who have been injured in a fall due to the negligence or willful disregard of the property owner where the incident took place.

James Carter Attorney at Law



-James Carter 


About The Law Office of James D. Carter

With over 35 years of superior legal experience, James Carter has not only obtained the knowledge, ability and skillset required to obtain the MAXIMUM NET RECOVERY FOR HIS CLIENTS in various legal matters, but he also has made that his team’s primary objective for all cases the office handles.  At the Law Offices of James Carter, protecting our clients’ interests and maximizing what they actually get to retain, at the conclusion of their case, is always our #1 goal!  Experience tells us that this goal can usually be obtained without our clients having to be exposed to the time delays, added expenses, stresses and risks associated with a trial and appeals.   

 However, when protracted litigation or a trial is necessary, our purpose and commitment is simple and clear. It is derived from and defined by the Seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution:  “In suits at common law, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved and no fact tried by jury shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States.” 






James Carter graduated and received an Associate’s Degree from A.B.A.C. in 1981 and a Bachelor’s Degree from Georgia Southern University in 1983.  In 1986 he earned his Juris Doctorate from Mercer University.  After law school, he worked with a prominent insurance defense firm in Macon, Georgia, and the greater Atlanta market area.  As an insurance defense attorney, James gained invaluable knowledge and experience pertaining to the proper handling of personal injury claims and civil jury trials. 


Ultimately, James relocated to Florida where he formed a partnership with his former Mercer Classmate and longtime Bradenton-Sarasota resident, Stanley Swartz.  In 1999, James established the Law Offices of James Carter and began to focus more on Personal Injury cases, while continuing to represent clients with Family Law matters, general Civil matters, and Estate Planning.  Since then, he has recovered millions of dollars and made recoveries ranging from only a few thousand dollars for clients with minor injuries to well over $1 million for clients with serious injuries or wrongful death claims.  His competitive spirit and strong desire to help others who are in need combine to make him a powerful advocate for his clientele.  James is currently a member of the Florida and Georgia Bars, the Manatee County Bar Association, the Florida Association for Justice, the American Bar Association, and the American Judicature Society.   He is married to his wife, Kumiko, and they have a son, Chase.  James is an avid motorsports fan and also a former motorsports competitor.  At present, he is a NASCAR team owner, sponsor, and occasional spotter.  Several years back while competing in an event at what was previously known as Desoto Speedway (n/k/a-The Freedom Factory), he actually flipped in his racecar which ultimately gave rise to the nickname, “The Best Flipping Lawyer in Town.”  The weblink CrashClaimsR.US which James acquired for law office advertising has been prominently displayed on a multitude of race cars, race trucks, Monster Trucks, Drag race cars, and team sporting jerseys for the past several years.   The weblink is intended to provide quick access to our office for legal services related to auto accidents, injuries, and other urgent legal claims.  The weblink gave rise to the motto IF YOU HAVE CLAIMS, CONTACT JAMES AT CrashClaimsR.US .   

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